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Welcome to Nik Nak Swap Shop, the best
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classifieds in the business!
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We are the safest classifieds online...

In fact, we are the only safe classifieds online!

You would never, ever, answer a newspaper ad that gave only an e-mail address.

And you would never, ever, trust anyone you couldn't talk to.

So why do it online?

Every ad we post has a phone number attached to it, making it safe and convenient!


Local is more than a catch-phrase to us.

Local is what we believe, and local is what you get from us!

Every ad lists the town it comes from, no exceptions.

In fact, you will probably be
buying and selling with your neighbors!


To us, security is preventing the problem.

Not going into damage contol when we're caught!

Our database is not for sale.

Your phone number is never attached to a name.

And we aren't here to profit off of your every click!


Comfortable means useable!

And useable doesn't mean annoying you!

No ads? Check.

Easy navigation? Check.

Mobile friendly? Check.

No videos blaring at you? Double check.


Here, 'green' isn't just a colorful slogan!

After all, how can it get any better than helping all of us reuse?

Plus, we built this website from the ground up,
to be as lightweight, yet powerful, as possible.

No drag-and-drop here!

So, with that said, welcome to the future of Buying & Selling!

We are so glad you have decided to join us.

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